Vacation Hacker website has been resurrected from the dead! Dawn and I sold our CruiseOne franchise a few years back, but that has stopped our love and passion for travel. Since selling our business, we have been blessed to travel around the world. Our children have expanded their worldview by experiencing other cultures and seeing God’s handiwork first hand, which we pray will make them better people as they enter adulthood.

Helping people plan and book their vacation was our most rewarding part of being a Travel Agent. Planning your dream vacation of a lifetime, planning a family reunion, or determining where to go on your honeymoon can be a daunting task. Since Dawn and me can’t be travel agents right now in our careers, we though by rebuilding the website so we could help people with their vacation planning.

China Family TripWhy did we name the website Vacation Hacker? When people are planning their vacation, they are looking for ways to hack the system to get what they want out of their vacation. For some planners, they are looking for ways to save money on their vacation, while others might be searching for unique experiences. No matter what your motivation is, planning your upcoming vacation can be fun! We want to be a resource for those that want to stay in tune with the various vacation industries and help people plan their vacations.

There is so many topics we could focus on for vacations. We decided to focus on topics we love and have the most experience.

Cruising: We love to cruise! We believe it is the most cost-effective way to have a vacation and to see the world. The costs various based on where you live and where you want to go. We will focus on the industry and the mainstream cruise lines.

Excursions: Excursions are not only for cruises, but resorts too. Beside the destination and experiences of where to visit and what to see on the excursions, we want readers to get a good perspective on what they should consider. In November 2017, we almost drowned on an excursion due to gross negligence of the tour operator. Looking back at the traumatic experience, we wish we’d had more information about the tour .

Destinations: Destinations will cover different topics like tours, excursions and cool places to visit while on your vacation.

Air Industry: Getting to our vacation, unless we drive, can be costly and difficult. If you’re flying internationally, finding the best advice and resources can save you time and money. Following and reporting on what is happening with air industry will help those that are planning.

News: The new section will have a wide range of topics with vacation and travel. There is no way to report every single event, but we want to keep our readers abreast on major news stories and happenings to the industries we cover.

Our goal is to have fun with the website. As the website matures, we have additional plans to improve content and coverage for the website. Please like our website on social media websites and share with your friends.

Thanks for all your support!

Jeff, Dawn, Madison, and Colby