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Published on Monday, April 23, 2018.

Norwegian Announces New Class of Ship

NCL Bliss

Photo by Wessel Blokzijl, used under CC BY-ND 2.0

What a week for Norwegian Cruise Line!   The delivery of the new Bliss and CEO Andy Stuart talking about the next ship building opportunities for Norwegian has created a stir in the cruise industry.   The Miami-based cruise line is focused on develop a new class of ship that is smaller than the Bliss called the Leonardo Class.  The new ships will debut in 2022.

Norwegian has ordered four ships for the Leonardo Class.  The vessels will weigh 140,000 tons, which is 17% less than the Escape, Joy, and the new Bliss.    The Leonardo Class ship with the reduced size will carry fewer passengers at 3,300 double occupancy.   The Bliss can accommodate 4,4004 double occupancy passengers.   The new Leonardo Class ships will be delivered in 2022, 2025, 2026, and in 2027.   The naming of these new ships will be debuted closer to the launch, to allow Norwegian to develop their marketing material and booking systems.

In an interview with USA Today, Stuart pointed out they like the flexibility of itinerary planing with the Leonardo Class ships.   Most of the Norwegian 16 ships operated at 2,000-passenger or 4,000-passenger capacities.  The new Leonardo Class is in the middle of the two ship sizes with accommodating 3,000-passengers.

The smaller ships open a lot of itineraries that the mega ships cannot visit.   Many port of calls around the world are not equipt to handle the larger ships forcing them to not visit the ports or tendering passengers to shore.

Until the new Leonardo Class ships are released, cruise fans can be excited for the new Norwegian Encore which will set sail in 2019.  The Breakaway-Plus Class ship will measure the same size as the Norwegian Bliss.

Vacation Hacker Tip

The Norwegian Bliss will be a great way to see Alaska this summer.  Starting June 2nd, the Bliss will sail out of Seattle, Washington on 7-day cruises.

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